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  • How do I select a start date for my calendars?

    Before proceeding to designing your calendar you will have an option to select the month and the year you want your calendar to start. Please note, by default your calendar is set to start from the next calendar month.

  • How do I create custom captions on specific dates?

    Simply double click the date you wish to edit, a text box will appear in which you can insert your custom caption. Press save text under your caption is complete and the text will appear in the preview within a few seconds.

  • How do I add a banner image?

    Press on the Layout icon to the left of the editor and drop down the layout you wish to use for your month's page. Choose from single image layout or turn you banner image into multi image collage by selecting alternative layouts. Once you are happy with the layout, upload your favourite images and add them to your selection. Then simply drag and drop your images in the right placeholders.

  • Can I add multiple images to the same page print?

    You can change the layout of the image by pressing “layout” button in the right side of the editor. You have an option to select one or multiple image layouts.

  • I keep getting image resolution error

    Image resolution error may occur when image quality does not meet the requirement for the selected calendar. Try selecting a higher resolution image or decreasing the size of the calendar.

  • Can I save my calendar and finish it later?

    Press “save/exit” button in the bottom right of the panel. You must be logged in for you to be able to save the project to your account.

  • How long does it take for my calendar to be delivered?

    Normally, it takes a few days for us to manufacture, quality-check and ship the calendar. Please allow up to 2 working days from the time of order confirmation for the products to be dispatched.

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